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        Storage for Kids Nico & Yeye

        Sleek, simple, and easy is the name of the game with our line of modern kids storage products. Store all your kids essentials in the modern looking toy box fit with locking casters so they can roll it around their room creating all sorts of adventures. The sturdy toy boxes, bins, and baskets make for easy clean up and everything's made to order, hand crafted, and hand painted using our premium water-based paint for a high-quality finish.

        As the books pile up with age, many modern parents turn to a bookcase but shopping around from store to store and assembling the bookcase is a hassle. Our modern kids storage bookcase is super easy to assemble and looks great in any modern bedroom. It comes in a variety of colors and it's wide enough to fit even the big picture books.

        From your kids bedroom, to the living room, to the playroom, our cotton baskets are ideal for practical and playful organization. These sturdy baskets are sure to be a decluttering essential for your home, ideal for putting away clothes, toys, footwear and more! Designed for easy portability. Our cotton bins and baskets are OEKO-TEX® Certified for harmful substances at all stages of production.

        No matter what your need is, all of our modern kids storage products are sleek, hand crafted, and easy to assemble so you can spend less time shopping and building and more time with your children. Everything you purchase comes pre-assembled which means you won't have a 12 page assembly guide to go through. Simple screw in the feet on most of our products and you're done.