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        Kids Bedroom Nico & Yeye

        Decorate your kids’ bedroom with furnishings that are designed to stimulate their creativity and imagination while fulfilling their functional needs. Our kids’ bedroom sets cater to not only children but can also be scaled up to meet adult requirements.

        With designs that are fun and colors that are playful, all our furniture is designed to appeal to the inquisitive minds of children. You’ll find everything that meets their needs, be it beds or dressers. Our other collections include rugs and toy storage that can supplement your children’s spaces, be it bedrooms, playrooms, or study rooms.

        Kids’ Bedroom Furniture Sets Meet Diverse Needs of Kids of Different Ages

        You can choose from a variety of beds, be it a Domo Zen Bed with Trundle, Minimo kids bed, or a Domo Zen Bed with Drawers. Our Domo Bed with a Canopy is another option. It has a Montessori-inspired style and removable rails in case you want a more open style. Our dressers too come in a range of styles and attractive colors that your tiny tots will love! From the Lukka Modern Kids Dresser available with 4 or 6 drawers to the Kabano Modern Kids Dresser available with 3 or 6 drawers, our dressers can accommodate the dressing needs of kids across different ages.

        With custom craftsmanship and extraordinary materials, all our furniture including kids’ bedroom sets stands the test of time and the evolving needs of children. Safe for kids, our furniture is made from solid woods and engineered wood materials that are California Air and Resources Board Phase II (CARB-2) compliant, which means that they abide by the lowest threshold in the world for formaldehyde emissions in engineered wood products.