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        Playroom | Study

        As parents, you want to put children in a place that inspires creativity, encourages them, and makes them feel at ease. However, it’s a lingering dilemma of making an ideal kid-friendly environment and making sure it matches the vision you have for your home. 

        Want your kids to have fun cleaning up their toys? Introduce them to our stylish modern toy box to turn an ordinary chore into an activity they’d enjoy. With its non-locking casters and a clean and sleek design, watch them zoom back and forth from their bedroom to the playroom in style. 

        Let your little artists run wild with our craft table for kids featuring a spacious wooden top built to handle any stroke of imagination or burst of genius (or toys), propped up by four colorful pins.

        You can take a different approach with the Poco kids’ craft table and chairs. The Poco Craft Kids Table is just as spacious as our craft kids table and just as stylish with its sleek modern design. 

        Following the same design principles as the Poco Craft Kids Table, our selection of Kids Chairs are the perfect companions to our Kids Table. 

        Our Poco Kids Chair draws kids in with its bright and bold colors draping its top and toes. Add a warm and cozy atmosphere to your kids’ bedroom or playroom with our Kitty Kids Chair, our Lola Kids Chair, and Baba Bear Kids Chair available in solid wood or fuzzy options.   

        Add our versatile Minimo Modern Kids Bookcase to your living room, bedroom, or playroom and it will not feel out of place. It’s wide and deep enough to hold the bulkiest toys or books and strong enough to withstand the demands of playing children.

        It is our priority to make sure our passion for creativity reaches out to you and your children, so each chair, table, and bookcase for kids is made custom to order and expertly​ handcrafted out of solid walnut or maple wood, hand-sanded, and hand-painted with our premium water-based paint for a beautiful finish.