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        Style Tips & Inspiration




        We’ve been in our homes more than ever right now. They have become our go-to spaces, our offices, our entertainment spots, our fun zones, our safe havens. For our children, home was turned into a classroom and a playground all in one. As we continue to find refuge in our own familiar spaces, it becomes even more important for our littlest ones to have places just for them where they feel inspired to create and learn.

        A room, or even a designated area within a room, that can be set up as a creative play and study space will give your kids that spark they need. Their own space encourages independence, intentional learning and creativity. When designing a creative/work area, you will want to fill it with items that make them feel comfortable and welcome. So what goes into setting up a play/study area for your kids? Read on to learn more:



        The most important factor to consider when setting up your children’s creative/study space is the lighting. They must have the right lighting for proper concentration and to keep them alert and focused. Dim or low lighting may also cause your child to suffer from eye-sight issues. 

        Bright overhead lights, floor lamps and task lighting are all great solutions. Natural lighting is one of the best ways to create a well-lit environment, so try to set up the play/study area next to or in front of a window.



        With everyone spending more time at home, finding that extra space to spare just for intentional learning or creative play becomes important. Give the dining room table a break and consider a more permanent workspace for the kiddos. The key essential to any play/study area is the right table and set of chairs. 


        The Table


        You will want to provide a big enough table (width-wise) where they can spread out their books, their crafts or all their art supplies. But the table should also be small enough (height-wise) to fit pint-sized bodies. At Nico & Yeye, our kids craft tables are the perfect size for all your children’s needs. Many of our models are designed to fit 4 to 6 kids comfortably. And some will even accommodate your growing child, with longer, screw-in legs that adjust the height.


        Even though the table is the main attraction to a study/play area, it shouldn’t steal the show. It should be able to provide the right amount of work and creative space, but also blend nicely into any decor. Our selection of clean, contemporary kids tables are available in both round and rectangular designs, and they are available in numerous color options and styles. No matter which one you choose, the timeless yet modern feel will fit perfectly with any decor.


        The table you choose for your kiddo’s work and play station needs to be sturdy and withstand the test of time (not to mention lots of little messes). You should look for a quality piece of furniture that is built to last. 

        Our kids craft tables are artfully assembled using the best materials. The thoughtful assembly of our kids tables not only adds to the overall sleek and modern look, but also ensures their safety. All solid wood and engineered wood materials set the lowest threshold in the world for formaldehyde emissions in engineered products, while solid woods are also sustainably harvested. 

        Your child will love having a space where they can learn and create without a care, and you can have the peace of mind that wiping down one of our kids tables is a breeze. Whether it’s used for homework, play, snack time or crafting, your little one will enjoy having a dedicated space that can withstand any mess.


        The Chairs


        A kid-sized table deserves kid-sized chairs. At Nico & Yeye, our children's chairs are perfect for a pint-size person. The small size yet sturdy design makes them ideal for kids ages 2 to 10 to use while they study, play, create or eat with friends.Some of our kids chair models also come with legs of various sizes that can be easily screwed in to ensure the chair grows with your child.


        Your kiddo’s work/play area should be comfortable and welcoming. So naturally, comfortable chairs are a top priority. Our kids chairs are not only comfortable, they are also stylish.  Most of our chairs will add a pop of color to your kid’s room or creative space, while the sleek and modern design will seamlessly blend into any existing aesthetic. Some models are available in 20 bold colors, meaning your child will have fun mixing and matching chairs that also match their personality.


        Just as with the table you choose, make sure to purchase sturdy, quality-built chairs that stand up to all the sitting. Our modern kids chairs are designed for children and made to last, giving you and your kids the best of both worlds!

        All of our kids chairs are crafted with superior materials and designed to be durable and safe, right down to the assembly process. The combination of natural, sustainably harvested wood and painted surfaces is a truly timeless design that will be used for many years to come.


        Giving your kids their own creative space means giving them the responsibility to stay organized and keep their area neat and tidy 😉! Yes, that’s easier said than done, but if you give them easy access to storage, they will be more inclined to put away supplies when they are done with a project. 


        Our Minimo Kids Bookcase is not only the right size for all your kid’s storage needs, but it will fit perfectly in any room or area of your home. It is wide-set and deep enough for even the biggest books and bulkiest toys, but it’s not too big to overwhelm your child. It is also the perfect size to store bins or baskets for more portable storage. The solid base and legs add to the durability of this piece ensuring it can stand up to the wear and tear of kids' play.

        With a sleek, modern design, the Minimo Bookcase is available in 12 custom colors and two wood finishes. Each component is custom made, expertly handcrafted, sanded and hand painted with our premium non-toxic water based paint for a beautiful finish. Our water base finish is low-sheen, durable and easy to clean. 



        When setting up a play/study area for your children, truly make it their own space by providing them with somewhere to display their creative work. Our Minimo Floating Shelf  is the perfect place for your kiddos to proudly display their artwork and crafts, or it can even serve as added storage for books and supplies. 

        The Minimal Shelf is available in two sizes, 12 custom colors and two wood finishes. It’s minimal design will allow your little one’s art to shine while on display. You can even stack several shelves for an accent wall filled with creative works.

        As with all of our products, the Minimo Floating Shelf is made with eco-friendly, American sustainably harvested walnut or maple. Each floating shelf is custom made, hand sanded and painted with three coats of non-toxic water based paint. Our water base finish is low-sheen, durable and easy to clean. 



        When you give your child their own space to learn, create and make-believe, you encourage their independence and fuel their inspiration. Setting them up in a well-lit area, providing their own perfectly-sized table and chairs and giving them their own storage and display spaces will allow them to feel successful in whatever they do.

        Tiger Roaring-centric Playroom Inspiration


        Dedicated to the Year of the Tiger, we created a mood board to celebrate in style. With its amazing black stripes and orange color the tiger comes to make a statement creating a modern and chic playroom space. 


        1. To start out with a big statement, the mixture of the pink and orange on this animal Tiger Wallpaper adds a wildly stylish appeal.


        2. Can't go wrong with this contemporary checkered Moroccan Rug, specially when it's pink and white! Mixing the contemporary wool rug with the pink and orange tiger wallpaper gives you the perfect mix of patterns, color, shade, and size to create a playful and energetic space for your little one's. 


        3. Giving us the perfect color complement comes this modern Kids Craft Table in black to go with the fierce tiger stripes. Whether it’s used for play, snack time, or crafting, your child will enjoy having a dedicated space that can withstand any mess!


        4. Joining your kids for an afternoon tea are our two Kitty Chairs. Sure to add some extra feline personality to any playroom.  


        5. Incorporating natural elements and textures to the space will make the room feel cozy. We think the Medium Natural Rattan Pendant Light has just the right amount of modernity and softness.


        6. Storage in orange with this toy box is just the right amount of color splash to bring together the room. An essential item in any kids bedroom or playroom and a stylish place rest the toys in.


         7. Our Mod Quilted bin is just the right amount of softness. This round storage basket gives your kid's playroom a practical storage solution, making it easy to carry their toys, textiles and more from one room to another.