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      Kids Room Ideas — kids interiors

      Kids Room Decorating Fun with Shiri Appleby

      Kids Room Decorating Fun with Shiri Appleby

      Shiri Appleby talks organization, creativity, and motherhood

      We joined forces with Shiri Appleby to design the perfect space for her two children to play and be creative in. Actress, director and full-time mom, Shiri and her husband Jon, who is a chef and restaurant owner, live in Los Angeles with their two beautiful children, Natalie (6) and Owen (3).
      This family of four leads a very busy lifestyle, but they still find the time to spend quality time together. We asked Shiri to divulge her favorite things about and biggest challenges with being a mom. “The best part about being a mom is watching these two lovely kids grow up and become their own little people. The kids love to bake so we usually do that on Saturday mornings. We love to swim and be outside. LA has wonderful weather, so just being free and creative outside is our main priority.”

      When working with Shiri (with input from celebrity Interior designer Estee Stanley) we knew her main goal was to create a functional yet child-friendly area. “I want the kid spaces to feel magical and still feel organized. Keeping the clutter away and the parts of the toys together is the biggest challenge. We do a toy clean-out before any birthdays or big holidays.”Watching as they learn something new and feel pride in themselves is my greatest happiness. 

      The biggest challenge, like most moms, is finding and making time for myself!” As Shiri decorates her home, her main priority is to create a space where the family can “let loose and have fun.” That includes her two children, as well. “We have a shuffle board, pinball machine and backgammon table all in our living room!! Our kids are in charge of their rooms, so as long as there aren’t stickers on the walls or doors, it’s their space to be creative with.”  kids playroom nicoandyeye blog shiri applebyIncorporating modern kids furniture pieces like the our Minimo Twin Bed, Minimo Modern Kids Nighstands,  Toy Box Chest on Casters, Minimo Modern Kids Bookcase, Craft Kids Table, and Lola Solid Wood kids Chairs, Shiri was able to transform her kids bedroom into something unique, magical, clean and organized. It is a kids playroom space that inspires creativity and fun. With a mix of traditional and contemporary pieces, it is a place that her children can grow into and make their own.

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