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        CELEBRATING CELESTE: Five, Fun and Fancy-Free 


        Celeste (Yeye) celebrated her 5th Birthday in style. Her closest friends were invited to an enjoyable and fun-filled party. Keep reading for some creative tips toward designing your own child’s festive Birthday party!





         Make the party as memorable as possible by setting up a fun photo shoot. Create a special area by draping a sparkly backdrop behind a big comfy chair (like our Kodiak Kids Sofa Chair). Fill the area with a sparkly background, giant colorful balloons and it becomes a welcoming space for two or more party-goers to make special memories together!




        Prepare a fun and exciting space where little guests can spark their imaginations and create their own party favors. Start with inflatable letter balloons for a festive sign. For Celeste’s “Craft Party” sign, I chose to use mint green and white paint for an ombre effect and to keep with her theme. The steps to making an inviting craft party are:


        1. Create a Kid-Friendly Space. Our Craft Table and Lola or Kitty Kids Chair are the perfect pieces for little crafters to use their imaginations. Celeste’s friends decorated sunglasses and party hats.


        1. Prepare the Table. Fill clear, plastic bowls with colorful materials that you can find at your local craft store. Foam pieces, pom poms, silk flowers, beads and buttons are some of my favorites. 


        1. Don’t Forget the Essentials. Make sure you have plenty of scissors, glue, tape and crayons or markers on hand.


        1. Have Extra Materials on Hand. Use a designated space, such as our customizable Kabano Dresser, as a go-to spot for extra materials and party favors.


        Children grow up fast, so make each year and every new Birthday a special and memorable celebration. Celeste and her friends – and even the boys who were invited – spent a fun-filled day creating their own unique, handmade crafts and, more importantly, creating amazing memories!