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        How to Guides — halloween decor

        Make your Own Spider Honeycomb

        Make your Own Spider Honeycomb

        As a table center piece, wall decor or wall hanging this spider honeycomb is sure to add a fun element to your Halloween decor! 


        What you'll need:

        • 5" Honeycomb 

        • 2" Honeycomb

        • Scissors

        • 1 piece of Black Stiffened Felt Sheet

        • Download template spider HERE

        • Hot Glue Gun

        • Googly Eyes

        • Black Funnels


        STEP 1:

        Download and Print out this template and cut. Trace it on the black felt and cut. 


        STEP 2:

        Once you have your felt spider shape, glue the 5" honeycomb to the big side of the spider and the 2" honeycomb to the head side. Glue the googly eyes with the hot glue gun to both sides of the head. 


        STEP 3:

        Grab 6 black funnels and fold them 3 times to make the legs (as seen in image below). Leave one of the funnel ends to glue to the bottom side of the body. 


        STEP 4:

        You are done! 






        DIY Bat Bottle Holder

        DIY Bat Bottle Holder

        This super easy DIY Bat Bottle Holder will add a fun element as a table decor for entertaining this Halloween season. Kids will love it! 

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        Super Easy Halloween Spider Web Lamp

        Super Easy Halloween Spider Web Lamp

        We usually have spider webs all over our homes as Halloween decorations, so why not make it Spooky Spider Web Lamp? We love how easy it is, just throw the web in your chandelier or lamp and add spiders to it and your DONE! 

        What you need:

        - White Stretch Spider Web

        - Spider rings